California Clean Power (CCP) is excited to announce that Pilot Power Group (PPG, has acquired selected assets of CCP. As a result of the purchase, CCP has ceased operations. The combination of CCP’s assets related to Community Choice Aggregation (CCA), and PPG’s years of excellence providing electric energy services to clients throughout California provides a tremendous opportunity for communities interested in CCA. For communities who have worked with CCP on the feasibility or establishing Community Choice Aggregation in their community, CCP recommends contacting PPG at PPG will seamlessly transfer ongoing or outstanding projects from CCP.


How California Clean Power Helps Communities Set Up the CCA

1 Create the CCA

Taking power back starts with a market assessment — a business plan for switching to cleaner power and investing in the community.

2 Select the Services

The next step is creating the Community Choice Aggregator — selecting services. CCP is here with a full-service solution.

3 Turn on the Power

It’s time to start providing electricity and enjoying the benefits — local control, competitive prices, cleaner energy, and a new source of revenue.

4 Add Energy Innovation

Now that the CCA is running smoothly, the community can invest its new locally beneficial revenue stream.

Our Services

All CCAs under the CCP Model execute an agreement specifying the term of their contract (from 5 to 10 years), an estimate of their launch date, and the rates and energy mix under which they will launch. Under contractual agreement, CCP covers all costs of launching your CCA, including preparation and submission of required filings and submissions, a four-part notification process to your CCA customers, posting of bonds and other deposits, arrangements and communications with the investor-owned utility (PG&E, SCE or SDG&E), and dozens of other necessary pre-launch preparations.

Our Expertise

Your CCA requires expertise in electric utilities, regulation, finance, and PR, just to name a few. California Clean Power brings all of these specialties together under one roof. Our team has been through all of the steps to launch a CCA, and we will help you launch and operate your own successful program. Our team of experts is ready to help your community take its power back today, for a stronger economy and a better environment tomorrow.